Technical Advantages

Film over Film Capabilities: Belle-Pak Display Films exhibit excellent film over film wrapping characteristics.Film over film wrapping is difficult, as most often the outer layer of film wants to stick to the previously wrapped film. Belle-Pak Display Films do not stick to previously wrapped packages using our unique approach.

Down Gauge Opportunities: Belle-Pak Display Film's formulation is designed to down gauge certain monolayer shrink bundling films. Benefit: Stronger, tougher, thinner films reduce the amount of film and cost required to wrap a package.

Exceptional Seal Strength: Belle-Pak Display films offer exceptional seal strength on sleeve wrappers, form fill and seal machines. Benefit: Strong seals ensure package integrity and offer the opportunity to down gauge.

Strong Graphic Capabilities: Belle-Pak Premium Display Films Combined with our 10 colour printing capabilities offer high impact stand alone packaging replacing costly printed corrugated

Film Shrink Bundling
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Belle-Pak Advantages
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